Keynote Speakers

Prof. Yves Guglielmi, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Keynote for the "From lab to field: scaling relationships" theme

Dr Alison Monaghan, British Geological Survey

Keynote for the "Geo-observatories: on-going research on the UKGEOS and other case studies" theme

Dr Adriana Paluszny, Imperial College

"Emerging properties of thermo-chemo-hydro-mechanical coupling in multiple fracture growth simulations."

Keynote for the "Thermo-chemo-hydro-mechanical coupling" theme

Dr Anne Pluymakers, Technical University Delft

"Follow the fluid: the potential for fluid-rock interactions in and around a well."

Keynote for the "Energy storage and Energy extraction" theme

Prof. Francois Renard, Oslo University

"How correct are we when calculating fracture properties from X-ray microtomography data?"

Keynote for the "Visualising and quantifying rock deformation and multi-phase flow interactions" theme.

Dr Marco Scuderi, Sapienza Universita di Roma

"Linking laboratory with in-situ observations to improve the understanding of fault slip behaviour during fluid pressurisation."

Keynote for the "Subsurface deformation processes: from fracturing to friction and beyond" theme.

Dr Alessandro Tengattini, University Grenoble Alpes and Institute Laue-Langevin

"Neutron (and X-Ray) Tomography for Rock Physics and Mechanics."

Keynote for the "Non-destructive testing in rock mechanics and rock physics" theme